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PsyTech VR

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PsyTech VR is a scenario-based micro-training VR system for Mental health and Wellness with CBT and EMDR protocols.

PsyTech's advisory team of psychologists found that during VR exposure therapy, users often face the challenge of the environment not aligning with their therapeutic needs and desires. To solve this, PsyTech made VR experiences adaptable to user’s needs with GenAI. PsyTech VR is the first company to integrate GenAI for therapy.

This virtual reality therapy platform delivers personalized micro-training to help users overcome negative emotions such as fears, phobias, anxieties, anger management, PTSD, and practice relaxation techniques, becoming more psycho-educated and improving mental health.

The SaaS platform offers an immersive multimodal perception experience in Virtual Reality that helps to remove barriers to non-pharmaceutical treatment for individuals who may otherwise face financial or geographical limitations. PysTech VR includes all of the following:

  • LMS platform with learning courses and questionnaires
  • 6-DOF VR application with CBT / EMDR protocols for:
    • 40+ PTSD levels
    • 60+ fears and phobia levels
    • Five OCD levels
    • 15+ alcohol/cigarettes addiction
    • Five anger management levels
    • 1000+ relaxation places, mindfulness meditations, breathing relaxations, art therapy, body relaxation techniques
  • Tool for onside, telehealth, and distant consultations/sessions
  • Dashboard with user statistics
  • The VR mask has integrated a biosensor for measuring HRV, pulse, stress levels, and concentration. Biosensors come with software.


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