Virtual police training for the real world

Avrio Analytics Watchword is an augmented reality training system that delivers hands-on training in a realistic digital environment

“Working with Avrio has allowed our Police Officers to apply their training in a variety of environments while also meeting the demands of shift-work. This realistic and adaptive training platform has greatly improved our response capabilities by enabling us to train more often and in our own facilities. Training with Augmented Reality has been a great addition and has numerous applications that can be adapted to any environment."

Chief of Police, Colorado School of Mines

“The Augmented Reality Training Technology developed by Avrio is innovative, with countless opportunities to enhance Police Officers’ current training in tactics and decision making. "



"This allows Agencies the ability to design training scenarios to fit the needs of their organization. Avrio’s technology also allows users to implement the training in environments unique to each organization.”

Training Lieutenant Lakeside, CO

Immersion in Real Environments

Detailed, accurate simulations emulate real buildings and real scenarios. Train for any scenario imaginable with fully customizable streets, buildings, and more.

Usable Anywhere

Watchword's StratScape lets officers train from the station or other location with minimal equipment.

Watchword Software Licensing and Renewals

Watchword Bundle Packs and Hardware Accessories